Toumaranke Gambia Recording Project.

Toumaranke Percussion are gearing up for a crowdfunding campaign: to start on monday 7th July 2014, to raise funds to record our debut CD in The Gambia.  This basically means me doing the work, aided and abetted by my friends. I’m the one living in England with easy access to social media. I’ve learned a lot about the world of modern technology in the last few weeks.  Follow my adventures, and those of the band….. Here’s a little snippet of us practising in the Gambia, in March this year.   The rhythm is called Yankadi, a classic track from Guinea, particularly associated with the Susu tribe.  The main man in Toumaranke Percussion (and incidentally, my husband) Moussa Sylla, is Susu.  The two big wooden xylophone type instruments you see in the video are balafons, Mandinka balafons to be precise. More on the band, tribal origins and ethnomusicology to come.  We’re a mixed bunch of four Guineans musicians and me, an English musician who plays and teaches West African percussion. Then there’s my friend Martin, who’s helping with the technical side of things. I’m menopausal, which makes life a little more challenging than usual, and technology has never been my best area…


One thought on “Toumaranke Gambia Recording Project.

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